The Data Curation Network joined our colleagues with the International Association for Social Science Information Services and Technology for the 2019 IASSIST Conference in Sydney, Australia in late May for a panel dedicated to exploring collaborative efforts to improve data curation and discovery across institutions. Presenting with representatives from the Dataverse Project and Australia’s National Research and Education Network (AARNet), all three organizations highlighted the opportunities inherent in shared, scalable approaches to data curation and management.

DCN representatives Mara Blake, Johns Hopkins University, and Joel Herndon, Duke University, delivered a presentation that focused on DCN’s shared network of data curators that enables the DCN to provide curation services with a level of expertise and scale far beyond what any one institution can provide. The presentation also noted how DCN has developed shared workflows and standards that enable curators from diverse institutions covering divergent areas of research to collaborate. Finally, the talk shared several examples of data curated in the network before closing with a discussion of DCN efforts to focus on long term sustainability.

DCN greatly appreciates the opportunity to share our work with the data community at IASSIST and thanks the Sloan Foundation for their generous support in sharing the work of the Data Curation Network.

Joel Herndon presents at the IASSIST 2019 conference in Sydney, Australia