Data set citation

“Entropically-driven macrolide polymerizations for the synthesis of aliphatic polyester copolymers using titanium isopropoxide” available at

Submitted by the University of Minnesota and curated by Dryad Digital Repository.

Curation actions

Information describing any necessary information to use and understand the data. Documentation may be structured (e.g., a code book) or unstructured (e.g., a plain text “Readme” file).

Organize and/or reformate poorly structured data files to clarify their meaning and importance.

Ensure that all documentation and metadata are comprehensive and complete. Example actions might include: open and run the data files; inspect the contents in order to validate, clean, and/or enhance data for future use; look for missing documentation about codes used, the significance of “null” and “blank” values, or unclear acronyms.

A URL (or Uniform Resource Locator) that is monitored by an authority to ensure a stable web location for consistent citation and long-term discoverability. Provides redirection when necessary. E.g., a Digital Object Identifier or DOI.