Data set citation

“APAL Coupling Study 2019” available at

Submitted by the University of Minnesota and curated by Duke University.

Curation actions

To rename files in a dataset, often to standardize and/or reflect important metadata.

Information describing any necessary information to use and understand the data. Documentation may be structured (e.g., a code book) or unstructured (e.g., a plain text “Readme” file).

Ensure that all documentation and metadata are comprehensive and complete. Example actions might include: open and run the data files; inspect the contents in order to validate, clean, and/or enhance data for future use; look for missing documentation about codes used, the significance of “null” and “blank” values, or unclear acronyms.

Transform files into open, non-proprietary file formats that broaden the potential for long-term reuse and ensure that additional preservation actions might be taken in the future. Note: Retention of the original file formats may be necessary if data transfer is not perfect.