Data set citation

“RV Atlantis 2019 Ship Data” available at:

Submitted by the University of Minnesota and curated by Johns Hopkins University.

Curation actions

The process of reviewing data for known risks such as confidentiality issues inherent to human subjects data, sensitive information (e.g., sexual histories, credit card information) or data regulated by law (e.g. HIPAA, FERPA) and taking actions to reject or facilitate remediation (e.g., de-identification services) when necessary.

Redacting or removing personally identifiable or protected information (e.g., sensitive geographic locations) from a dataset prior to sharing with third-parties.

Use metadata to link the data set to related publications, dissertations, and/or projects that provide added context to how the data were generated and why.

Information describing any necessary information to use and understand the data. Documentation may be structured (e.g., a code book) or unstructured (e.g., a plain text “Readme” file).

Information about a data set that is structured (often in machine-readable format) for purposes of search and retrieval. Metadata elements may include basic information (e.g. title, author, date created, etc.) and/or specific elements inherent to datasets (e.g., spatial coverage, time periods).

A URL (or Uniform Resource Locator) that is monitored by an authority to ensure a stable web location for consistent citation and long-term discoverability. Provides redirection when necessary. E.g., a Digital Object Identifier or DOI.

Transform files into open, non-proprietary file formats that broaden the potential for long-term reuse and ensure that additional preservation actions might be taken in the future. Note: Retention of the original file formats may be necessary if data transfer is not perfect.

The re-organization of files (e.g., new folder directory structure) in a dataset that may also involve the creation of new file names, file descriptions, and the recording of technical metadata inherent to the files (e.g., date last modified).

The addition or removal of files.