We are the Data Curation Network

As professional data curators, data management experts, data repository administrators, disciplinary scientists and scholars we represent academic institutions and non-profit data repositories that steward research data for future use.

What we do

We strive to build a trusted community-led network of curators advancing open research by making data more ethical, reusable, and understandable.

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Our Values

Open.  We share data curation techniques that are practical, transparent and available to all.

Trusted. We add value to data while maintaining data integrity and upholding the ethical responsibilities of data sharing.

Inclusive. We foster an accessible and welcoming environment to equitably support all participants.

CollaborativeWe build an innovative community of practice for data curation.

Empowering. We advocate for data professionals by providing a pipeline for training data curators, promoting data curation practices and enriching capacities for data curation writ large.

Recent blog posts

DCN Website Updates 2024

February 21, 2024

Since its launch in September 2019, the DCN’s WordPress site has grown organically alongside our community. In Spring 2023, Amy Drayer, a colleague at the University of Minnesota, conducted an accessibility review of our site — and found many areas for improvement! Some of these were relatively straightforward, such as general text updates to improve…

DCN Response to NIH Best Practices for Sharing Software

February 15, 2024

On behalf of the Data Curation Network (DCN), we appreciate the opportunity to provide input on the Best Practices for Sharing NIH Supported Research Software, Notice NOT-OD-24-005. The DCN has been an advocate for open and ethically shared data since our inception, and we are excited to see and support NIH’s continued efforts to provide…

Teaching an old repository new tricks: developing a human participant data policy

February 8, 2024

This post was authored by Shanda Hunt, Research Data Education and Outreach librarian (Left), and Alicia Hofelich Mohr, Research Support Coordinator (Right), both at the University of Minnesota. This is the story of policy development. As federal data sharing mandates change and grow, we thought our experience of adding a new policy may be timely…

RADS Updates: February 2024

February 6, 2024

The Realities of Academic Data Sharing (RADS) Initiative entered its second phase of funding in July 2023, thanks to support from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). Since that time the team has been hard at work, reviewing outputs of the first phase funded by the National Sciences Foundation, and preparing for the…

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