The Data Curation Network Governance Board includes representatives from each of our sustaining member organizations. Read more in our Governance Model (v1, July 2021)

DCN Governance Board Representatives

Mikala Narlock
University of Minnesota

Jake Carlson
University of Michigan

Wanda Marsolek
University of Minnesota
Andrew Johnson
University of Colorado Boulder
Leslie Delserone
University of Nebraska Lincoln
Jen Gibson
Joel Herndon
Duke University
Heidi Imker
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Greg Janée
University of California Santa Barbara

Cynthia Hudson Vitale

Jonathan Petters
Virginia Tech
Wind Cowles
Princeton University
Wendy Kozlowski
Cornell University
Chen Chiu
Johns Hopkins University

Katie Wissel
New York University

Xuying Xin
Penn State University

Leslie Kirsch
Michael J. Fox Foundation
Jennifer Moore
Washington University in
St. Louis

2021-22 Executive Committee

Wendy Kozlowski

(Chair-Elect), Data Curation Specialist, Cornell University
Jake Carlson

Director of Research Data Services, University of Michigan
Cynthia Hudson Vitale

Director, Scholars and Scholarship, Association of Research Libraries (ARL)

2022-23 Curators at Large

Dorris Scott

Social Science Data Curator; Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Librarian, Washington University in St. Louis
Aditya Ranganath

Data Librarian, University of Colorado, Boulder

DCN Staff


Mikala Narlock, University of Minnesota Libraries

Project Manager, Realities of Academic Data Sharing

Shawna Taylor, Association of Research Libraries

DCN Advisory Board Members

  • Tim McGeary (chair), Associate University Librarian for Digital Strategies and Technology, Duke University
  • Jennie Burroughs, interim Associate University Librarian for Research and Learning, University of Minnesota
  • Sayeed Choudhury, Associate Director for Research Data Management, Johns Hopkins University
  • Elizabeth Lorang, Associate Dean for Research & Teaching, University of Nebraska Lincoln
  • Andrea Ogier, Assistant Dean and Director of Data Services, Virginia Tech
  • Chris Prom, Associate University Librarian for Digital Strategies, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  • Simeon Warner, Associate University Librarian, Cornell University
  • Charles Watkinson, Associate University Librarian for Publishing, University of Michigan

DCN Reports

Past Representatives

We greatly appreciate past team member’s’ contributions to the Data Curation Network project:


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