The Data Curation Network (DCN) is a membership organization of institutional and non-profit data repositories whose vision is to advance open research by making data more ethical, reusable, and understandable. Our mission is to empower researchers to publish high quality data in an ethical and FAIR way, collaboratively advance the art and science of data curation by creating, adopting, and openly sharing best practices, and supporting thoughtful, innovative, and inclusive data curation training and professional development opportunities.

Based at the University of Minnesota, the DCN also facilitates a shared-curation workflow, in which datasets from one institution are matched with an expert at a different member institution.

DCN members help shape the future of data curation by developing community-oriented educational resources, offering professional development opportunities inside and outside of the DCN, and facilitating conversations around data curation topics through special interest groups, webinars, and other virtual gatherings. Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about membership, workshops, or collaborating with the DCN.