Special Interest Groups & Committees

The Data Curation Network community joins forces to work on projects and topics of interest that stem from the four core tenets of the DCN Mission Statement and Strategic Framework:

1. Empower researchers to share/publish high quality data, ethically and FAIR

2. Collaboratively advance the art and science of data curation by creating, adopting, and openly sharing best practices and tools

3. Support thoughtful, innovative, and inclusive data curation training and professional development opportunities

4. Grow the DCN in a sustainable and responsive way

Interest Groups

The DCN Special Interest Groups are restricted to DCN members unless otherwise specified.

Big Data

(2019-) This interest group looks at issues and common practices related to large data, including compression techniques (e.g., zip) and file transfer. This group is open to all.
Contact: Wendy Kozlowski | Notes (log -in)

Outputs: TBD

Human Participants

(2019-) An interest group formed by DCN curators working with human participant data where they discuss issues such as: de-identification, consent form design, and secure archiving. | Contact: Jen Darragh | Notes (log-in)

Outputs: Human Participants Data Essentials Primer and Participant Consent Primer

Institutional Outreach and Communications

(2019-) This interest group explores how DCN members engage in impactful and effective institutional outreach and communication for data curation and data services. | Contact: Sandi Calrdone and Hoa Luong | Notes (log-in)

Outputs: Data Services Storytelling Framework (log-in)

Racial Justice

(2020-) Help end racial injustice and create a more diverse, equitable, accessible, and inclusive environment, both through our work as data curators and as individuals in academia. | Contact: Mikala Narlock | Notes (log-in)

Outputs: Code of Conduct, Report: Centering Racial Equity in Data Curation, Response to Cultural Proficiencies For Racial Equity: A Framework

DCN Committees

Data Curation Network members collaborate and volunteer to keep the organization running smoothly

Curation Committee

Committee Charge
Membership: All DCN curators
Chair: Mikala Narlock, Director

Membership Committee

Committee Charge
Members: Joel Herndon, Jennifer Moore, Heidi Imker, Lisa Johnston, Andrew Johnson and Wendy Kozlowski
Chair: Jennifer Moore

Education Committee

Committee Charge
Members: Cynthia Hudson Vitale, Lisa Johnston, Wendy Kozlowski, Sophia Lafferty-Hess, Marley Kalt, Dorris Scott, Sarah Wright, Dave Fearon, Jen Darragh and Jennifer Moore
Chair: Cynthia Hudson Vitale

Previous DCN Groups

Previous Data Curation Network interest and working groups– thank you to all members of these teams!

Value of Curation

(2019-2023) Understand the value that data curation (actions/effort/cost) adds to the data sharing process. | Paper forthcoming.

Outputs: Website for this group

End User Satisfaction

(2020-2022) | As part of our implementation phase of the DCN project we seek to lead efforts in assessing the satisfaction of end users (researchers) of the DCN’s pilot curation service. | Paper forthcoming.

Outputs: Survey, Dataset, Report

Expanding Submission Workflows

(2020) Investigating how to accommodate partner datasets in various stages of the research lifecycle and local repository workflow into the DCN workflow. | Notes (log-in)

Refining the Standard Curation Protocol

(2020-2021) Enhancing and refining the standard DCN curation protocol (the CURATED steps) to improve efficiency and accommodate various types of data. | Notes (log-in)