The Data Curation Network has just reached a major milestone in our three-year implementation phase, funded by the Alfred P Sloan Foundation, by publishing the Data Curation Network’s Sustainability and Transition Plan on our publications page. 

Download the Data Curation Network Sustainability and Transition Plan from the University of Minnesota Digital Conservancy,

The main purpose of the DCN Sustainability Plan is to present a clear path toward transitioning the DCN into a self-sustaining operation starting July 2021. This plan builds on our consulting partnership with Lyrasis, the expert input from our 2019 Advisory panelists, and a range of additional stakeholder and peer perspectives. Specifically, the DCN Sustainability Plan details our phased membership model which aims to broaden DCN participation to a wider range of institutions, open up new revenue channels for training and data services, and operationalize our role as a community catalyst for the data curator profession. Stay tuned for more details as we roll-out this plan in the coming months.

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