Edited to add: Recording is now available!

Today’s Ingredients

  • Plain text and character encoding: A primer for data curators
  • (Hyper)active data curation: A video case study from behavioral science
  • Responding to reality: Evolving curation practices and infrastructure at the University of Illinois

What is Data Soup?

So glad you asked! Data Soup is a collaboration between the Journal of eScience Librarianship (JeSLIB) and the Data Curation Network to host a series of community focused webinars/discussions to exchange practices for curating research data of different formats or subject areas among data curators.

In honesty the series has nothing to do with soup, we just liked the name. But you can have lunch or a snack in front of your computer while listening in.

Who can attend Data Soup?

Anyone who has an interest in curating research data and wants to share their expertise or sit back and learn from others.

When’s the Soup on?

May 13 from 1-2pm EST

What’s in the pot for the meeting?

To kick things off we have the following lineup of speakers and topics from the recent JeSLIB Special Issue: Data Curation in Practice:

Soup’s on!

How do I register?

Fill out this registration form and we will send out information on how to join. 

Edit, May 13: Registration is now CLOSED. We will share the slides and recordings a few weeks after the event.

How do I dish out my own data curation expertise?

Fill out this expression of interest and we will be in touch to schedule something!

Who are the sponsors?

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