This post is by Shawna Taylor, ARL Project Manager, and Mikala Narlock, Director of the DCN.

Today the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) and the Data Curation Network (DCN) jointly submitted a response to NIST’s request for comments on the Research Data Framework (RDaF), version 1.5. This version of the Framework was developed after gathering feedback from a series of stakeholder workshops and plenary sessions, and includes high-level and specific research data management lifecycle topics. The RDaF may be considered one of the most comprehensive resources of the research data ecosystem to-date. We appreciate NIST’s call for public comments and the opportunity to engage with a topic meaningful to both ARL and DCN memberships.

Thank you to the ARL staff and DCN members whose engagement contributed to this response:

  • Halle Burns, Research Data Management Specialist, Princeton University
  • Wind Cowles, Director of Data, Research, and Teaching, Princeton University
  • Joel Herndon, Director of the Center for Data and Visualization Sciences, Duke University
  • Tim McGeary, Associate University Librarian, Digital Strategies and Technology, Duke University
  • Jennifer Moore, Head of Data Services, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Jon Petters, Assistant Director of Data Management and Curation Services, Virginia Tech
  • Judy Ruttenberg, Senior Director, Scholarship and Policy, ARL
  • Cynthia Hudson Vitale, Director, Science Policy and Scholarship, ARL

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