As spring approaches, we are gearing up for our favorite annual event — the All Hands Meeting! This year, we will gather May 14-17 at Duke University. Thanks to the meticulous planning of our dedicated committee, we’re thrilled to unveil a sneak peak of our agenda.

As in previous years, we will offer an overview of our CURATE(D) framework for DCN Curators. This foundational training — useful for both new curators and seasoned professionals — will refresh our skills and ensure consistency in curation practices across the network. Building upon the success of previous years, we’re excited to introduce a fresh addition to the lineup — an advanced half-day human-centered data discovery workshop to be led by Kathleen Gregory and Laura Koesten! Details for this workshop are still shaping up, but will be of interest to all DCN members.

As always, there will be plenty of learning, sharing, and socializing opportunities. Thanks to our local hosts and Planning Committee for all of their efforts. We’re eagerly looking forward to welcoming our colleagues to Duke University for what promises to be an unforgettable All Hands Meeting!

Planning Committee Members: Jen Darragh (Chair!), Wanda Marsolek, Lubov McKone, Neggin Keshavarzian, Erich Purpur, Joel Herndon, and Tim McGeary 

Local Hosts: Tim McGeary, Jen Darragh, Madina Grace, Joel Herndon, Jen Jordan, and Sophia Lafferty-Hess

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