This post was authored by Mikala Narlock, DCN Director.

Our annual conference is my favorite gathering. It’s the only time the majority of DCN members will be in the same room until next year– and as a result, we condense a year’s worth of learning, discussions, and camaraderie into four days. It is a truly energizing event, even if I need the following week to recover. Thank you, AHM Attendees, for showing up and sharing your time and energy, and a huge thanks to Duke University Libraries for hosting us.

Over the next few weeks, we plan to share more in-depth reflections on AHM 2024. Until then, here are four photos to capture the experience:

A closed door with a sign that reads "Reserved for DCN AHM." One door is open to a conference room that we can see.
A circle "+1" on a popsicle stick in front of a screen.
A group of DCN Members at All Hands 2024.
A fruity drink with a view of downtown Durham.

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