Criteria for New Partners

The Data Curation Network is interested in growing our project during our pilot implementation phase (July 1, 2018-June 30, 2021) which is supported by a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan foundation to the University of Minnesota and the in-kind staff effort from across the DCN partner institutions

The Data Curation Network will benefit researchers, their disciplines, and the end users of data world-wide by providing coordinated data curation services via a distributed network of expert curation staff. In order to incrementally grow the DCN during the implementation phase we will sponsor four new partner institutions that bring a unique set of domain and disciplinary expertise as well as established data repository services; two institutions will be invited to join in Year 2 of the project with participation continuing through Year 3 (July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2021) and an additional two institutions will be invited to join for Year 3 of the project (July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021). We seek partners that:

  • Have an existing data repository services
  • Have data curation staff that are able to commit the following levels: (1) DCN Representative for the institutional at 10% FTE and (2) 1-2 DCN Curators at 1-5% FTE.
  • Agree to adhere to our team code of conduct.
  • (preferred) Institutions that help to expand our curation expertise, while also bringing new diversity to the project, are particularly welcome during the implementation pilot phase, such as
    • Curation expertise in 3D images, chemistry, chemical engineering, civil engineering, crop sciences, electrical engineering, genomics, and coding expertise in Java and Python languages.
    • Geographic distribution outside of the Mid-Atlantic and Midwestern United States.
    • Institutional types including small-to-midsized academic institutions, independent nonprofit organizations, disciplinary data repositories, etc.
    • Repository platforms not currently represented.
    • Individuals with diverse backgrounds and identities to better reflect the broader digital archives community.


New partner institutions joining during the DCN implementation phase will receive:

  • Access to a network of expert data curators, who are trained in specialized data curation procedures and bring a broad variety of format and domain expertise, to curate data sets intended for your local repository service.
  • Travel support for each institution to send a ‘DCN Representative’ to attend and participate in the annual All Hands Meeting that will be held in Minneapolis, MN in July 2019 and June 2020.
  • Travel support for each institution to send (two) ‘DCN Curators’ to attend two-day in-person training in specialized data curation procedures (workshop be held in conjunction with the All Hands Meeting).
  • Opportunities to present at conferences and co-author articles and research papers on topics related to the DCN.
  • Opportunity to help shape the future direction of the DCN during the pilot implementation phase.
  • Option to continue as a sustaining member post-implementation phase (or not).

No monetary fees are contributed during this fully-funded implementation phase and no expectations of long-term involvement are required (project phase ends June 30, 2021). Partner contributions to the project during this pilot are in the form of staff effort only. The institution may choose to formally join the DCN once the sustainability model (under development) is implemented in July 2021.

Application Process

We invite expressions of interest from institutions with existing staff and expertise that would help expand our project. A survey form (preview PDF of questions) collecting expressions of interest is open.

The deadline for expressions of interest for participation beginning in Year 2 was on May 30, 2019. We are currently reviewing all applications submitted to date.

To express your interest in participating in the DCN beginning in Year 3 please fill out the survey or contact Lisa Johnston, Principal Investigator of the Data Curation Network.