We invite applications of interest from DCN Sustainer Institutions to join in the next fiscal year (July 1-June 30). “Sustainer” Institutions are the highest membership tier in the DCN and receive the most benefits. In order to grow the DCN in ways that best support our shared curation model we seek partners that:


  • Have an existing data repository service
  • Ability to commit in-kind staff, with at least 10% FTE for curation work, 5% FTE for governance work.
  • Ability for committed staff to agree to the DCN code of conduct.
  • Willingness to share the central costs of operating the Data Curation Network via annual membership fee.


  • Bring curation staff with domain expertise in high demand within the Network: atmospheric sciences, chemistry, chemical engineering, civil engineering, crop sciences, electrical engineering, and genomics.
  • Bring curation staff with software and code curation expertise in all languages, but especially MATLAB, R, and Python.
  • Bring needed diversity to the current DCN members in terms of institution (size, type, geographic distribution, etc.) and the individuals. Teams including curators from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color are particularity encouraged to apply.

Application Process

Expressions of interest survey for new DCN Sustaining Member Institutions will be accepted through April 30th. (PDF preview).

Disclaimer: This survey is intended to capture interest only. Filling out this survey does not guarantee participation at the Sustainer Tier, as growth in this tier will be limited to ensure good onboard and training of new members.

Questions? Contact the Data Curation Network.