Shannon Farrell

Research Data Services Lead and Director of the Data Repository for the University of Minnesota (DRUM) University of Minnesota Shannon Farrell is the Research Data Services Lead and Director of DRUM in the University of Minnesota Libraries. Shannon leads the University Libraries' Research Data Services Team, which is a group that is focused on campus-wide … Continue reading Shannon Farrell

Peter Cerda

Data Curation Specialist for Workflows and Big Data University of Michigan Peter is the Data Curation Specialist for Workflows and Big Data at the University of Michigan Library. His work includes working with researchers to curate, share, and archive big datasets and documents in the University of Michigan’s institutional repositories, Deep Blue Data and Deep … Continue reading Peter Cerda

DCN-343: Data from: Aedes albopictus…

Dataset citation “Data from: Aedes albopictus host odor preference does not drive observed variation in feeding patterns across field populations" available from Cornell University at

Jenny Coffman

Science and Engineering Research Librarian University of Virginia Jenny is the science and engineering research librarian supporting chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, biology, and biomedical engineering departments at the University of Virginia Library as part of the Research Data Services & Social, Natural, Engineering Sciences team. With a background in chemistry and forensic science, Jenny … Continue reading Jenny Coffman