Laura Hjerpe

Senior Research Data Management Librarian University of Virginia Library Laura Hjerpe has over three years’ experience curating data for the USAID data repository and 11 years’ experience teaching and researching patent and scientific literature for the USPTO Scientific and Technical Information Center. She has a BA in Political Science from the University of California at … Continue reading Laura Hjerpe

Padma Carstens

Data Curation Assistant Virginia Tech As a data curation assistant at Data Management and Curation Services, Padma Carstens provides research data curation support to researchers across Virginia Tech. Padma Carstens holds a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech with specialization in lower atmospheric science. Padma also helps in data automation to create … Continue reading Padma Carstens

Wanda Marsolek

Engineering Liaison and Data Curation Librarian University of Minnesota Marsolek serves as the liaison to the departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, and Technology Leadership Institute. A member of Minnesota's Research Data Services Team, they are also a curator for the Data Repository for the University of Minnesota (DRUM). See also: … Continue reading Wanda Marsolek