The DCN Team is excited to announce that that the result of our planning phase, the model for launching a Data Curation Network, is now posted to our website for comment! We’d greatly appreciate your feedback on this proposed new service.

Download and read the report (PDF)

Summary: With support from the Sloan Foundation, our team researched curator skills, faculty/PI user-needs, and tracked local metrics of the datasets coming to each of our institutions’ data curation services for the past year. We set out to develop a collaborative service that will allow institutions like ours to better support researchers faced with a growing number of requirements to ethically share their research data. The result is a cross-institutional staffing model for curating research data. With the Data Curation Network, institutional users (e.g., academic libraries, disciplinary repositories, etc.) will be able to provide critical new data curation services when local resources are limited (without needing to hire) and to expand the scope of their curation support to new and/or less frequently encountered data types

In our newly released report we share our next steps for launching the DCN and welcome any feedback on our approach. We will also be holding a webinar in early fall and will keep you posted on those dates. Meanwhile, please feel encouraged to share your thoughts with the team via in-doc commenting (web version) or via email.

Thanks from the DCN planning team:

Lisa Johnston (U Minnesota)

Jake Carlson (U of Michigan)

Cynthia Hudson-Vitale (WashU St. Louis)

Heidi Imker (U of Illinois)

Wendy Kozlowski (Cornell)

Robert Olendorf (Penn State)

Claire Stewart (U of Minnesota)

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