It’s taken some time, but we’ve published a new set of data curation primers! Many of these were created by participants from our third IMLS funded Specialized Data Curation Workshop which occurred at Washington University in St. Louis on November 5-6, 2019. Many thanks to IMLS for funding this series of workshops through IMLS LB21 #RE85-18-004018. Other primers were developed independently as an approved working group within the network. We also have additional approved independent working groups actively engaged in primer creation, so more primers will be on the way!

This pandemic is challenging for everyone and early on the education team decided to be very flexible with deadlines for resource creation. We want to thank our colleagues who participated as authors and mentors for their patience and determination to bring their creativity and expertise to this project through the hardest of times. Additionally, thanks to everyone who had generously given their time and expertise for peer review of these resources and thanks to our hardworking education team.

Without further ado, here are the new primers!

Created by participants from the third workshop at Washington University in St.Louis:

Databases Data Curation Primer 
Authored by Xuying Xin. DCN Mentor David Fearon.

GeoTIFF Data Curation Primer
Authored by Courtney Kearney, Nick Ruhs, Mara Sedlins, Tracy Tien, Jessica Trelogan, and John Watts. DCN Mentor Jennifer Moore.

ISO Disk Image Primer 
Authored by Kate Barron and Jonathan Bohan. DCN Mentor Cynthia Hudson Vitale.

Neuroimaging DICOM and NIfTI Data Curation Primer
Authored by Michael Moore, Brandon Patterson, Sara Samuel, Helenmary Sheridan, and Chris Sorensen. DCN Mentor Joel Herndon.

Oral History Interviews Data Curation Primer
Authored by JA Pryse, Matthew Harp, Wanda Marsolek, Sara Mannheimer and Wind Cowles. DCN Mentor Lisa Johnston.

Qualitative Data Curation Primer
Authored by Diana Castillo, Heather Coates, and Mikala Narlock. DCN Mentor Shanda Hunt.

SAS Data Curation Primer
Authored by Qiong Xu. DCN Mentor Jen Darragh.

Twitter Data Curation Primer
Authored by Marley Kalt and Dorris Scott. DCN Mentor Wendy Kozlowski.

Created by members of the Data Curation Network’s Human Subjects Interest Group:

Consent Forms Data Curation Primer
Authored by Shanda Hunt, Alicia Hofelich Mohr, and Rachel Woodbrook. 

Human Subjects Essentials Data Curation Primer
Authored by Jen Darragh, Alicia Hofelich Mohr, Shanda Hunt, Rachel Woodbrook, David Fearon, Jennifer Moore, and Hannah Hadley.

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