We are pleased to announce that the data curation primers from our first specialized data curation workshop are now being published!

It has been a wonderful six months working with amazing professionals from over thirty different institutions on this first round of our project! Primer groups formed out of the first of three IMLS-funded Specialized Data Curation Workshops, which was co-located at the 2018 Digital Library Federation (DLF) Forum. Attendees working in small groups were mentored by a representative of the Data Curation Network. The resulting primers were created:


Authors: Battista, Andrew; Brittnacher, Tom; Garrett, Zenobie; Moore, Jennifer; Pirmann, Carrie.

Jupyter Notebooks

Authors: Bouquin, Daina; Hou, Sophie; Benzing, Matthew; Wilson, Lee

Microsoft Access

Authors: Rios, Fernando; Fearon, Dave

Microsoft Excel

Authors: Janée, Greg; Sawchuk, Sandra; Yoo, Ho Jung


Author: Hou, Sophie.


Authors: Deng, Sai; Dull, Joshua; Finn, Jeanine; Khair, Shahira


Authors: James, Heather

Versioned primers are posted to our Github repository. We currently have three of seven primers published, so stay tuned for more! These “living” primers will develop over time with the changing needs to address issues with curating a given topic. Revisions can be made by forking the primer repository, making any preferred changes and then committing the revisions back to the original primer repository.

Archival copies of the original primer submissions (version 1.0) are published to Minnesota’s DRUM repository. These serve to document our project and highlight the contributions of authorship by workshop attendees.

Links to the published primers from our DCN Workshops webpage are also available: https://sites.psu.edu/dcnworkshops/primers/

A primer sharing webinar in collaboration with the Research Data Access and Preservation Association (RDAP) will occur in early July. More information to follow.

The second primer groups (from our recent workshop at Johns Hopkins University) are in the process of creating new primers which are expected to be complete in October 2019. A third workshop will also be held at Washington University in St.Louis in the Fall of 2019, with primers published in 2020.

Thanks to everyone involved in this first workshop and primer set!

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