The Data Curation Network is proud to release our Strategic Framework (living document).  This three year “living” strategic framework outlines our vision for continued growth while further cementing our sustainability as a trusted and member-driven organization within the open research community.

The Strategic Framework builds on the DCN’s Sustainability and Transition Plan (released Nov 2020), articulates the DCN’s mission, vision, and values, and captures members’ ideas and aspirations for the next few years in order to respond to spending priorities and balancing competing projects. This framework will also be instrumental in ensuring all DCN members understand what they can do to move us forward.

Drawing on the four tenets of our mission, the strategic framework outlines the following objectives:

  1. Refining DCN CURATE(D) workflows to be more efficient and effective
  2. Be strong advocates for curation
  3. Peer compare across our community of practice
  4. Perform research and develop new tools
  5. Create professional development opportunities for members
  6. Provide education and training external to DCN
  7. Forge strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations
  8. Grow in a sustainable and responsive way

The DCN is at the forefront of open science, advancing the art of data curation, and advocating for ethical data sharing; this framework will help us to grow strategically, sustainably, and in response to the changing research environment. Everyone is invited to review the framework (v1.0), anticipated strategies, and possible measures of success.

Thanks to all members of the DCN for their support and efforts in this framework!

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