At the end of June, the Data Curation Network hosted our fifth (!) annual All Hands Meeting. This was an opportunity for our community to gather, share our successes and setbacks, learn from each other, and advance the Network as a collective. As with past years, this year was full of learning and community building opportunities. 

Image above: Mentimeter results ranking member goals for the coming year. Rankings, from highest to lowest: Build out educational efforts; peer compare; develop curation resource clearinghouse; outreach and recruitment; develop additional curation workflows; expedite curation turn-around; other.

Over the course of three days, Data Curation Network members: 

  • Reviewed our budget and approved the proposed governance model for the coming year
  • Reflected on the successes and future goals of the DCN 
  • Shared knowledge on metrics, repositories and institutional outreach in a peer-compare capacity.
  • Engaged with the essentials of working with human participant data
  • Discussed research ideas for the DCN
  • Shared out current research from member institutions
  • And celebrated our community through several happy hours (including music bingo, which was a true highlight!).

This year, Liliana, Maria, and Aundria, the NCDS interns, will be authoring their own blog posts about highlights from AHM 2022. They have been invited to reflect on any part of the program that interested or resonated with them, and to write a short post about it. Those will be shared in the coming weeks! 

On a personal note (Hi! It’s Mikala!), this was my first All Hands Meeting– and I have to admit that AHM exceeded my expectations.  As a community, the DCN is a welcoming environment, a place where it’s safe to take risks, to say “I don’t know” and to grow as individuals and a network. I feel incredibly lucky to support and collaborate with our amazing community– and AHM really drove that home for me.

This year’s meeting would not have been possible without the AHM Planning Committee (Dorris Scott, Wanda Marsolek, Hoa Luong, and Neggin Keshavarzian) as well as all of the speakers, moderators, and active participants that made this year’s AHM truly memorable. We have already received some great feedback for next year!

Image above: Group photo of DCN members!

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