For those who were unable to attend our collaborative webinar with the GO-FAIR US office, University Data Governance and FAIR Data Environments, we are pleased to share the recording. 

During the discussion moderated by Abigail Goben, speakers David Butcher, Lisa Johnston, and Pegah Parsi discussed different components of data governance.

This conversation covered many topics, including:

  • Similarities and differences between institutional and research data;
  • Perspectives on data managers roles and  requirements for both research and institutional data projects; 
  • Data stewardship versus data ownership; and,
  • Making data FAIR while respecting the subject’s privacy and considering risks and harm.

The conversation ended with panelists’ reflections on which components of data governance they are most excited about – and  most concerned with – for  the coming years.

During the conversation, the following resources were shared.

Thank you again to our panelists and moderator for a lively conversation–there are many additional discussions yet to be had!

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