Since our launch as a member-funded organization in July 2021, the DCN has worked diligently  to continue expanding our membership. While we are very proud of that transition and view it as a success we have continued to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of our membership model. We recognize that we must balance the need for longevity with additional mechanisms that will allow us to engage with a broader range of the curation community. This requires us to be thoughtful and deliberate about how we structure the next iteration of the membership model.

To that end, we are incredibly excited to announce that we are conducting a review of our membership model with Community Wealth Partners, a connection fostered by DCN member The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Their team will help us review our current model and facilitate the organization of our ideas into an actionable membership growth strategy.  This work will begin in October, with expected completion in late 2023. If approved by the Governance Board, we hope to launch this new model in time for new member applications in April 2024. 

We are thankful to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for connecting the DCN with Community Wealth Partners, and special thanks to our Membership Committee, who will be responsible for the bulk of this work, including:

  • Chen Chiu, JHU
  • Sarah Conell, Princeton
  • Leslie Delserone, Nebraska
  • Josh Gottesman, Michael J. Fox Foundation
  • Joel Herndon, Duke (past member)
  • Heidi Imker, Illinois (past member)
  • Andrew Johnson, CU Boulder
  • Wendy Kozlowski, Cornell
  • Sherry Lake, UVA
  • Jennifer Moore, WashU
  • Donna Okubo, Dryad
  • Jon Wheeler, New Mexico

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