Susan Braxton

Prairie Research Institute Librarian University of Illinois Susan Braxton has served as a librarian for the Illinois Natural History and Prairie Research Institute since 2006. In her current position, she provides support to Institute staff with emphasis on scholarly communication and publishing, repository services, and data stewardship. Prior positions included Science Librarian at Illinois State … Continue reading Susan Braxton

Katie Barrick

Biosciences Liaison Librarian and Scientific Data Curator University of Minnesota As a library liaison, Barrick works with her assigned departments in the biological sciences, but as a curator for the Data Repository for the University of Minnesota (DRUM), she handles data across the scientific disciplines. She is interested in accessibility, labor, and data ethics. Datasets curated … Continue reading Katie Barrick

Wendy Kozlowski

Data Curation Specialist Cornell University Wendy Kozlowski, Data Curation Specialist at Cornell University and coordinator of the Cornell Research Data Management Services Group (RDMSG), a cross-campus, collaborative organization that provides data management services to faculty, staff and students throughout the entire research process. Operating within Cornell University Library’s Metadata Services group and as part of … Continue reading Wendy Kozlowski