Research Data Librarian – STEM
Pennsylvania State University

Years Active: 2020 -

Briana Ezray Wham is the Research Data Librarian – STEM at Penn State University Libraries. In this role, Briana conducts data management plan reviews and provides guidance, training, and consulting services for data management planning, active data management, reproducible research workflows using R, data visualization, data publication, as well as ORCiD integration and utility. Briana also works as one of the data curators for ScholarSphere, a Penn State institutional repository. Prior to joining Penn State University Libraries, Briana received her Ph.D. in Entomology from Penn State, where she studied aspects of ecology, evolution, and conservation of bee communities. Briana’s interests include open science, museum collection digitization, and bee conservation.

Pronouns: she/her

Datasets curated by Briana:

Data Curation Primer Contributions:

Sensitive Biodiversity Data Essentials Primer (Creator)
Genetic Data Curation Primer (Creator)