Jenny Coffman

Science and Engineering Research Librarian University of Virginia Jenny is the science and engineering research librarian supporting chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, biology, and biomedical engineering departments at the University of Virginia Library as part of the Research Data Services & Social, Natural, Engineering Sciences team. With a background in chemistry and forensic science, Jenny … Continue reading Jenny Coffman

Joanna Thielen

Data Curation Specialist for Science and Engineering University of Michigan Library Joanna is the Data Curation Specialist for Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan Library. In this role, she works with library professionals and STEM researchers to support data management planning and implementation across the research process. This includes a focus on research … Continue reading Joanna Thielen

DCN-275: An integrated multi-wavelength microscope…

Dataset citation “An integrated multi-wavelength microscope combining TIRFM and IRM modalities for imaging cellulases and other processive enzymes” available from Penn State ScholarSphere at

Sarah Wright

Research Data & Life Sciences Librarian Cornell University Sarah provides disciplinary research support at Cornell’s Albert R. Mann Library, and is a consultant for the Research Data Management Service Group (RDMSG). Her interests include data curation, scholarly communication, and information trends in the molecular and life sciences disciplines. Her interests include data curation, scholarly communication, and … Continue reading Sarah Wright

Katie Barrick

Biosciences Liaison Librarian and Scientific Data Curator University of Minnesota As a library liaison, Barrick works with her assigned departments in the biological sciences, but as a curator for the Data Repository for the University of Minnesota (DRUM), she handles data across the scientific disciplines. She is interested in accessibility, labor, and data ethics. Datasets curated … Continue reading Katie Barrick