Research data education and outreach librarian
University of Minnesota

Years Active: 2018 -

Hunt received her Master’s Degree in Public Health and was a research coordinator at UMN before taking on a new career in the University Libraries. She is currently a human participant, health sciences, and qualitative data curator for the Data Repository at the University of Minnesota (DRUM) and leads the education and outreach efforts of the Research Data Services team. Shanda consults with campus departments and affiliates in many ways: reviewing data management and sharing plans for grants, assessing datasets for proper data sharing language and de-identification, and advising on data sharing language in consent forms.

Pronouns: she/her

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Datasets curated by Shanda:

Data Curation Primer Contributions:

Consent Forms (Creator)
Human Participants Data Essentials (Creator)
Qualitative Data (Mentor)
CARE Data Principles, Indigenous data, Data related to Indigenous Peoples and Interest (Mentor)