Heidi Imker (U. Illinois) and I are at the IDCC conference in Edinburgh this week and presenting some results on the Data Curation Network!

To recap, the Data Curation Network project aims to enable academic institutions to scale their data curation services by sharing staff with file format and domain specific skills so that data sets ingested by one institution might be curated by curators with that expertise but just so happen to work at another institution. Thus we aim to provide data repositories with a wider range of curatorial expertise to handle the multi-disciplinary data types found at academic institutions.

Sound like a great idea, right? But we still in the planning phase. We have currently have six academic institutions, all based in the united states, to test out how this might work before bringing on new partners. In this poster, we present results of an experiment that compared the local curation practices of the data curators working across our institutions. These pilot results have enabled our team to refine the shared staffing model that we envision for launching the Data Curation Network going forward. The full poster is available in our publications page or here.

The conclusion of this work has given us a draft workflow for how data will flow through the Network!


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