We’ve received a fair amount of interest about the news that NIH is working with Figshare to host a general data repository for NIH-funded research.

While we are flattered to be mentioned in the press release, we would like to clarify that the Data Curation Network does not have a formal partnership with Figshare, and we are not curating NIH.figshare.com data. However, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with the research data community to educate and establish best practices for data curation.

In order to have a well-curated data repository, you need data curators who ensure ethical and FAIR data sharing! We are committed to supporting the data curation community by extending our training for data curators, such as our upcoming IMLS funded workshop on November 5-6, 2019 and developing curation primers, open source resources for the data curation community.

Currently, the DCN is piloting our cross-institutional data curation service across 10 partner institutions. In six months the DCN curators have contributed their expertise to 30 data sets and supported over 100 researchers in their data sharing efforts. Approximately 68% of these datasets have required “major curation actions” which includes such activities as files/documentation updated/added, detecting/fixing code and other quality assurance issues, and screening for privacy disclosure, to name a few.

We will be ramping up our services for curating datasets within our partner network over the next year and will continue to share out our progress and findings!

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