DCN team members Mara Blake (Johns Hopkins University) and Lisa Johnston (University of Minnesota) presented at this week’s National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) conference in Washington DC. This event bring together grants administrators and funding bodies to discuss the challenges and best practices for the field.

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Mara Blake (right) and Lisa Johnston presented at NCURA 2019.

We were invited to present on “data sharing best practices” and discussed with an attentive audience how data sharing has changed over the years (due to funder guidelines, but also changing norms in domains such as increased awareness of reproducibility).

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Our theme “Compliance and Beyond: the quest for institutional data sharing excellence” showcased some of the ways that data sharing can ethically and realistically move beyond compliance and share research data in ways that are persistent, well-curated, and FAIR. We then showcased several examples of data services offered by DCN members!

Enjoy the slides!

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