DCN-44: Namelists and scripts from: Vertical Dependence of Horizontal Scaling Behavior of Orographic Wind and Moisture Fields in Atmospheric Models, a civil and environmental engineering code dataset, was submitted by Sophia Lafferty-Hess and curated for the DCN by Wendy Kozlowski.

Sophia submitted this dataset to the network looking for disciplinary and technical (data type) expertise and Wendy was the best fit and available!

Wendy’s recommendations included restructuring and expanding documentation as well as requesting clarification from the data author about some of the dataset files. Specifically, whether or not certain files should be included/excluded or renamed to make their purpose and relation to the rest of the files more clear.

The data author was receptive to Wendy’s suggestions and they provided updated documentation and responded to Wendy’s questions about data files. 

Due to Wendy’s expertise, major curation actions were taken (files updated/added, metadata edited/added). 

For more information about this dataset click on the linked dataset identifier above. Thank you Wendy and Sophia!

The purpose of this Dataset Digest series of blog posts is to keep our followers informed and up to date on the curation activities of the DCN! These weekly updates will summarize datasets that have been curated by the network. Once a dataset is “finalized” (curation is complete, any necessary updates or changes have been made, and the dataset has been made publicly available via the local partner repository) we add it to our website and include it in our weekly digest. Thank you for following our progress!

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