The Data Curation Network (DCN) is pleased to announce its newest partners – Virginia Tech and the University of California Santa Barbara – joining the project in Year 3 of the implementation phase which runs until June 2021! 

Virginia Tech is represented by Jonathan Petters, Assistant Director of Data Management and Curation Services. Jonathan will be curating datasets for the DCN on behalf of Virginia Tech along with Data Curation Manager Shane Coleman.

Greg Janée, Director of Research Data Services, serves as UC-Santa Barbara’s DCN representative. Greg is also one of UC-Santa Barbara’s two data curators for the DCN. He’s joined by Renata Curty, Data Curator for Social Sciences. (See also: UCSB Library’s press release.)

These new partners join us just in time for the DCN’s third annual All Hands Meeting, which is taking place virtually this year, and starts today!

Welcome Jonathan, Shane, Greg and Renata! We’re so happy to have you with us!

For more information on DCN partner requirements see Criteria for New Partners page.

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