Senior Research Data Management Consultant
Data and Visualization Services
Duke University

Years Active: 2018 -

In her role as Senior Research Data Management Consultant, Darragh provides training and consulting services designed around the research data lifecycle covering general best practices as well as special topics and tools. Darragh also serves as one of the data curators for the research data program supported by the Duke Digital Repository. Prior to joining Duke University, Jennifer was the Data Services and Sociology Librarian at Johns Hopkins University, the Social and Behavioral Sciences Librarian at Virginia Commonwealth University and the Data Archivist for the Population Research Institute at Penn State University. Throughout her career, Jennifer has gained particular expertise in the management, use and archiving of sensitive social, behavioral and health sciences data.

Pronouns: she/her

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Datasets curated by Jen:

Data Curation Primer Contributions:

Human Participants Data Essentials (Creator)
SAS (Mentor)
Clinical Trials Data Primer (Mentor)
Data Curation: Introductory Guide for Researchers (Mentor)