Data Librarian | Instructor
Center for Research Data and Digital Scholarship (CRDDS) | Data and Scholarly Communication Services
University Libraries | University of Colorado, Boulder

Years Active: 2021- 2022

Jordan Wrigley is a Data Librarian, scientist, and researcher at University of Colorado – Boulder. Jordan consults on grants, systematic reviews, data collection and analysis methods, and creates bespoke data workflows for large projects. Jordan began her scientific career as an aquatic invertebrate entomologist and received a Master’s in the environment focused on environmental health, marine engineering, and community planning from Western Washington University. She also received a Master’s in information and library science from the UNC – Chapel Hill where she also worked as a data professional and informatics specialist for Duke Medical University Library and Archives. Lastly, she is a systematic review and data consultant with medical device and environmental impact firms.

Datasets curated by Jordan: